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Blythe Spirit = Free Spirit

   Blythe Spirit's aim is to stoke the proverbial fire and remind everyone that it's actually cool to care and be kind.  All the while never forgetting to stay wild, chase inspiration, and be freely ourselves.    

      The duo consisting of Bob Powell (percussion/vocals),  

and Bryan Smith (vocals/guitars/keys), formed in a turbulent fall of 2017.   They spent the rest of the year woodshedding and writing and finally played their first gig, a party with just friends on New Year's Eve eve. 

      In 2018 they continued to charge hard: playing a smattering of gigs and writing new material, and of course, more woodshedding. 

They also tracked a mixtape which was released this January through soundcloud and bandcamp.   

For 2019, the fellas are currently recording their first proper EP, expected to drop later this spring.   And they're finishing the songs for it's follow up, a full length album which they'll be releasing this fall.

Stay tuned... Blythe Spirit's just warming up.



The first collection of songs, a short mixtape: One-Eighty Dream

is available for download on bandcamp.

The debut EP is coming out later this winter on all major streaming platforms.

Meanwhile, the mixtape, song demos, experiments and works in progress can be streamed via SoundCloud



May 23rd, Trip, 2101 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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Blythe Spirit