Extra Sincere Alternative Rock n'roll from Los Angeles


let's be free spirited

   Blythe Spirit's aim is to stoke the proverbial fire and remind everyone that it's actually cool to care and be kind.  All the while never forgetting to stay wild, chase inspiration, and be freely ourselves.

We can all be our own free spirits...

just follow your bliss, be kind, and charge hard.   


Blythe Spirit is a musical collective of free spirits who believe in peace, love, and ecology. Guided by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Howlin’ Smith, the band features a rotating cast of talented musicians dedicated to freedom of expression and freedom in life. While the early recordings find the band in a very alternative mood, the Blythe Spirit isn’t tied to any sound or genre and has grand aims to eventually play the kind of show that can cross the musical and cathartic spectrum from moshing to slow dancing within the same set. Ya never know what to expect of Blythe Spirit besides bracing sincerity and an unwavering commitment to put it all out there and leave it all on stage.



The debut EP Love's The Whole Point

is available on Spotify

While the band's earliest collection of songs, a short mixtape:

 One-Eighty Dream

is availableto stream or download on bandcamp.

All Blythe Spirit releases as well as song demos, experiments and works in progress can aslo be streamed via SoundCloud

And a few videos from the humble beginnings of the band can be streamed on YouTube



All shows unfortunately canceled due to global calamity.

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Stay Wild, Stay Groovy, and Be Kind

Follow your bliss and charge after your dreams

Blythe Spirit